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  • 13th month of sunshine

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  • come and vist ethiopia


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  • Gelada Baboon

    The Gelada is not in fact peculiar to the Semyen as is the exclusive Walia Ibex, but they are more numerous here than in their other habitats Some

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  1. City tour of Addis
  2. Short trip from Addis
  3. Tribes of omo valley
  4. Historical tour

Full day city tour

Start the day looking down on Addis Ababa from Entoto Mountain, the capital of Ethiopia before Addis Ababa.  .

half day

Half day city tour

Visit to the National Museum, Where Ethiopia's oldest resident,Lucy,is housed  .

Addis Ababa City Tour

special tour 

Plaid heirloom sartorial American Apparel, Shoreditch flexitarian pork belly.

special city tour 





Debere zeit

Debre Zeit, home to several crater lakes and a popular weekend getaway spot for Addis Ababa residents. 

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Tiya, Adade Mariam...

Tiya is an ancient stellae field, with anthropomorphic statues marking burial grounds.  Tiya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Debere Libanos Monastery

This monastery was founded in the 13th century by St. Tekle Haimanot, who, according to legend, prayed for 7 years...

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4 Days -  Visit Mursi Tribes

The Mursi are known for their lower lip and earlobe plates. In the afternoon, drive to Dorze,

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7 Days - Omo Valley

there is Jumping of the Bulls traditional Hamer coming-of-age ceremony, that will be visited.

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10 Days - Omo Tribes

Boat trip on Lake Chamo to visit the “crocodile market”, and the local hippos.  Afterwards, depart from Arba Minch to Turmi.

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